What is Integrative Wellness?



A compliant model with knowledgeable, professional consultants for practice operations.



A thoughtful, efficient and proven on-boarding process



Traditional medicine practices with the much sought after regenerative medicine.



Much wider scope of practice, more reimbursed services, better remuneration and less hassle by insurers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to get started?

Our partners have zero upfront costs.  AAHS handles all the startup expenses.

What is the first step to beginning this program?

Both parties sign a contingency contract that will last 90 days to be sure that both parties have time to  evaluate one another & to ensure you enjoy ourservices!

When will I receive the agreement?

1-2 weeks will be a “vetting process” for both parties to vet one another out & ensure both parties want to sign the contingency contract.

What's the catch?

We’re trying to rehabilitate the business of Integrated Wellness Models. We have a heart for doctors, chiropractors, dentists, and medical professionals & want to make sure this model is done in an ethical & conscientious manner. We add value to your practice through our preventative service.

When do we on-board?

As soon as contingency contract is signed, we will send you the on-boarding paperwork.

What does this look like?

Depending on your level of participation in this Integrated Wellness Model, the paperwork will vary. It is not a complicated process.

How much support and training will I and my staff receive?

In the first month, you get weekly training and support. Afterwards, we will make sure to do monthly check-ins to ensure your practice is running smoothly!

How do I explain this to my patients?

We will ensure that this is a part of your & your staff’s training as well as having a letter to send to your patients.

Who supports us as we go?

Our medical director, a nurse practitioner, and various technicians based on the Ancillary Services you are going to provide!