Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Masks and Gear

Anti-Viral Mask

Multiple layers provide unique protection from contaminants. FDA Cleared and inactivates 99.99% Flu Viruses Tested. Anti-Viral Layer with Rayon, Copper, and Zinc ions (inactivates and kills).


Masks that also work to inactivate SARS, MERS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, T.B., Measles, Chickenpox and more*. Respokare masks provide protection through 4 unique layers. An Outer Layer, Inner Layer, Anti-Viral Layer, and Barrier Layer.

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Our Technologically Advanced Materials ( TAM) are the proprietary active layers used in the RespoKare range.

Mission: Bring advanced biotechnology to face masks, allowing people to “Breathe better, Live healthier.”


World Class Protective Apparel

  • – AAMI Level 1-4 Personal Protective Equipment
  • – Isolation gowns, surgical masks, face shields, caps, and shoe coverings
  • – Polyethylene Film
  • – Coated Polypropylene
  • – SMS and SSMS Material

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